Driving Lessons Parramatta

Are you planning to prepare for your driving test? If so, get in touch with Safety Driving School for safe, enjoyable and effective driving lessons. Parramatta is in our area and we can help you gain the driving know-how you need to gain your license.

Stress Free Learning

As a family owned operation, we focus on providing a relaxing low-stress environment for all out students. Good driving requires confidence and we help you gain that by supporting you throughout your learning experience. Armed with such skills and confidence, you’ll be able to handle any driving situation.

As our name suggests, safety is another major concern for us. We take the safety of our students and indeed everyone on the road very seriously, and do everything to maintain high standards.

When you learn with the Safety Driving School, this relaxing and safe environment is ideal for acquiring those essential driving skills that will serve you so well in life. Learn with us, pass the test and gain your license. Then you’re ready to enjoy the freedom and responsibility of being a qualified motorist.

High Pass Rate

We pride ourselves on our relaxed teaching environment but we also make sure our instruction is comprehensive and rigorous. We will teach you about road awareness, safety issues, 3-point turns, essential driving skills and everything else you need to learn in order to pass your driving test. Our high pass rate says a lot about the effectiveness of our driving lessons, Parramatta way.

Courses for All Needs

We are pleased to offer courses for all needs. Whether you’re a total beginner or you have some driving hours under your belt or if you’re an expert looking for a refresher course. We can help you make the move from Learners Permit to Provisional License.

We offer a full range of packages ranging from one to 12 hours to suit every need. We also offer our 1 1/2 hour driving test and car hire package.

When you’re in need of quality driving lessons, Parramatta is served by Safety Driving School. Call us today on 0401 256 687 and speak with a member of our team. With us, learning to drive has never been so simple.

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