Driving Lessons Liverpool

Are you looking for the right school to help you pass your driving test, or do you need a refresher course before getting behind the wheel again? If so, please contact Safety Driving School for quality driving lessons. Liverpool is in our area and we are pleased to offer safe, enjoyable and effective lessons to help your gain the driving skills you need.

Stress Free Learning

We’re a family owned business and we provide ourselves on our stress free learning environment. We understand that confidence is at the heart of good driving so we fully support you throughout the learning process. This way you effortlessly develop the confidence you need.

Another major concern for Safety Driving School is naturally, safety. We are concerned about the safety of our students and everyone else on the road. To that end we take great care in creating a safe and relaxing environment for you to learn those essential driving skills. It’s the ideal way for you to pass the test, gain your license and enjoy the freedom and responsibility of being a driver.

High Pass Rate

Our driving lessons may be low stress but they’re rigorous. We cover everything from road awareness, safety issues, 3-point turns, essential driving skills and everything else you need to learn in order to pass your driving test. Our high pass rate testifies to the quality of our driving lessons, Liverpool and elsewhere.

Courses for All Needs

Safely Driving School offers courses to suit every need from introductory up to expert. If you want to make the move from Learners Permit to Provisional License, we’re here for you.

We offer a full range of packages ranging from one to 12 hours and provide 90-minute driving test and car hire package for you to take your test.

Perhaps you already have a licence but haven’t been behind a wheel for some time. In that case, you could use a refresher course before heading out on the road. We offer a flexible range of courses to help you get back up to speed.

When you’re in need of quality driving lessons, Liverpool is served by Safety Driving School. Call us today on 0401 256 687 and speak with a member of our team. With us, learning to drive has never been so simple.

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