About Us

At Safety Driving School, our only focus is on helping you succeed.  As a family owned business, we care about your ability to safely get behind the wheel.  That’s why our instructors will work with you in a stress free learning environment to ensure you have the confidence to safely operate a vehicle.  Our commitment to helping you succeed goes beyond what the average driving school does.  We cater to your needs and ensure you have the learning experience that will pave the way for success.  Are you ready to confidently get behind the wheel?  Safety Driving School is here to help.

Enjoy Freedom and Responsibility

Are you ready to successful take the leap from Learners Permit to Provisional License?  We’re here to help.  Our approach to driving instruction ensures success to all students.  By working with you throughout the learning process, we will be there to ensure you gain the essential skills needed to be a safe driver.  We are committed to road awareness and safety, which is why we offer customised lessons to give you the best shot at passing.  Our high pass rate speaks for itself – Safety Driving School students succeed in obtaining a provisional licence.

Gain Essential Driving Skills and Take to the Open Road

Safety Driving School is here to help you succeed.  Let us help you fulfil your dream of safely operating a vehicle through our one of a kind learning experience.  This highly personalised, stress-free environment promotes learning and success.  Are you ready to get started?  Choose one of our packages or contact Safety Driving School today for more information.

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