Welcome to Safety Driving School


Are you ready to phone your driving schools or learn the essentials to safety take to the road?  Safety Driving School can help!  We are here to offer stress free learning and a high pass rate to prepare you for a successful future behind the wheel.  As a family owned business, we understand how important safety is.  That’s why we offer a full array of learning opportunities for beginners and experienced drivers.  From refresher courses to introductory lessons, we’re here to get you ready to obtain your provisional licence.  Enjoy freedom, responsibility, and more with our driving instruction options.

Safety Driving School: Stress Free Learning with a High Pass Rate

At Safety Driving School, we are dedicated to helping our students pass.  We will work with you to ensure you achieve your goals through our comprehensive instruction.  Because driving is all about confidence, we will support you through the learning process in a safe and stress-free environment that guarantees success.  Our professional instructors will work with you on:

  • Road Awareness
  • Safety
  • 3 Point Turns
  • Essential Driving Skills
  • And more

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